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Iranian cooking is world renowned as the heart and soul of Middle Eastern cuisine. Just as its geographical position is the actual land bridge that connects the Middle East with the Far East and historically the centre of the ancient Silk Road. Iran is historically known as Persia and was the transitional location where goods were traded between the West and the Orient for thousands of years.

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Sahel Persian Restaurant uses many of these same goods in our traditional, authentic Persian cuisine. We use fresh herbs and vegetables, as well as, beef, lamb, chicken and fish. Many different ingredients are used to flavour our food from pickled vegetables to dried fruits, to saffron, lemon, sumac, and floral waters distilled from rose petals.

Ramin and Maryam came to Canada from Iran with the traditional, authentic recipes of their ancestors to share with the locals and visitors of Kitsilano. Many of the recipes date back thousands of years. If you want to try truly authentic, affordable, and delicious Persian Cuisine you must stop by and try the many dishes at Sahel Persian Restaurant.

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Spinach, saffron, pomegranates were traded by ancient Persians for rice, lemons, eggplants and sour oranges. So, from our ancestors until today we still utilize these ingredients to make the delicious, affordable and high-quality Persian food for you every day on Broadway in the heart of Kitsilano.

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Many of our dishes are slowly cooked to ensure the maximum flavour profile to your meal.  We utilize chelow (white rice) that is soaked, boiled and steamed. Kababs also form part of the traditional cuisine. Kebabs are made with lamb, chicken, steak, and ground meat. The different styles of kabab vary from a thick and chunky tikka to a finer kabab-barg. To make a ground kabab, the meat is generally marinated with finely chopped onion and lemon juice. Most kababs are served accompanied by herbs or pickles and are eaten wrapped in taftun or sangak flat-style breads. The exception to this is the kabab-barg, long considered to be the national dish of Iran.

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3207 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6K 2H5

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